Nationwide Locksmith Scam Consumer Alert

CONSUMER ALERT:  Beware of “Phony” Locksmith Scams

Unlicensed and/or scam artist locksmith companies have infiltrated most of the United States’ major cities, and Dallas/Fort Worth is no exception. 

These “phony locksmith” companies purposely manipulate phone book and internet listings with multiple false addresses and phone numbers to make it seem like a neighborhood business. In actuality, consumers are calling out-of-state operations that are not locksmith companies. The consumer is quoted a reasonable price over the phone, but when a person posing as a locksmith finishes the job, the consumer is charged a considerable amount more for unnecessary and/or sub-standard work.  These out-of-state operations are set up solely to make money by purposely defrauding the public.

Visit the following links for more information, and for information on how to find a reputable locksmith in your area and/or file a complaint:

ALOA (Associated Locksmiths of America) Phony Locksmith Pressroom

Clearstar Security Network Scam Alerts

ALOA Link to file complaints with the FTC and/or Attorney General

Google Maps vs. Locksmith Spammers: Spammers Winning?

ABC News Article on “Nationwide Locksmith Swindle”


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